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I just want to share a little about the site. Just the basic info so visitors know what powers this thing and gives credit where it is due.

The back end in my terms is WordPress. WordPress is very powerful and easy to use. On top of that it is very flexible. One may not know it by looking but the home and archive pages are my own code combined with parts of WordPress theme code. I have found it is easiest to get exactly what I want by doing it myself to some extent. So I do. However why try to re-invent the wheel when there are alloy mags handily available?

The color changing code is java script. I did not write it myself. The person who did is Tony Aslett and can be found at CSS Creator. The script itself is HERE and works well as you can surely see.

There are no other surprises hiding here at present. I do plan to write a back end for handling files. By files I mean all of the files I upload here. It of course will not do any of the uploading but will handle displaying them for you. As I am paranoid of upload abilities since that is how a site I administer got hacked. No it was not my code that led to it. It will simply read the directory and display the contents as I see fit.

Till next time!

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