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lilo Splash

Getting a boot splash with lilo is actually very easy. All you need is a text editor and something to do some image manipulation. Continue reading for a brief overview.

First find or create your image. It will have to be resized and indexed to 256. To do so with the gimp is simple. Once you have your image how you want it select image and the scale. Set the size for 640×480 and hit Scale to shrink it down. Next select Image, Mode and Indexed. Set the maximum number of colors to 256 and hit OK. You may get some strange results and you may not. Lilo can only use 16 or 256 so find a happy medium.

Once the image is prepped edit your lilo.conf file to include the following lines and comment out the “message =” line if you have one. You can not use both.

# Bitmap in BMP format: 640x480x4
  bitmap = /boot/boot.bmp
# Colors fg,bg,sh,h-fg,h-bg,h-sh
  bmp-colors = 255,,145,157,,145
# Location of the option table: x,y,column,lines,space
  bmp-table = 2,22,1,3
# Timer x,y,fg,bg,sh
  bmp-timer = 73,29,255,,

The “bitmap =” line will need to point to you image. To keep things simple I recommend putting it in /boot with the name used above. Dummy proof right?

Your color values will also need to be changed. To find out the number for the color you want you need to refer to the color map for your image. Using the Gimp select Dialogs then Colormap. You will get a window with all the colors you can use. To get the numeric value for the color simply click on it. If no value is specified transparent is used.

You may also need to alter the x and y values to put the options and timer where you want them. Once you are done run lilo to implement your changes. Tweak as desired.

I used the above with this image. I am not sure where I originally found it but I can be found on several sites and relates to the game Killzone. The values used for colors above are of course from this image.

The image can be found –> HERE

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