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Customized for Windows

The lack of support for the Linux operating system still strives to date. I don’t understand why businesses and other large corporate structures do things the way they do.

It am not saying support Linux. Although that would be great it is asking a lot from such entities. What I am saying is quit working on the premise that the world runs Windows. Make things universal. Such as to say, don’t write a web site for banking that requires Internet Explorer. Don’t set up a service for mass use the requires a user to have Windows and active X on their system to register and begin use.

Why do they do that? Do they really think they are providing the user something extra that they could not get any other way? Are their coders that ignorant?

I have been a Linux user for a long time. I have used Windows for just as long and although I avoid it these days I do tend to provide support for it a lot. All I have seen such practices provide is problems. Not only for the Linux community but the Windows community as well. I can not explain how many times I have had to go through the update, add and modify loop to get a Windows machine to work with some of the mentioned services.

My point is get a clue! If your services are meant for the masses, be it on line or in some other fashion make them functional in as many places as possible. Instead of spending that extra several grand getting that custom little button that hoses the users computer make it work on Windows 98, 2000, XP, 2003 and Linux. Not only will that improve your services, it will allow it to reach a lot more users.

Remember, the Linux user base is not getting smaller. It is growing. Not only that but most Linux users know what they are doing on a PC.

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