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##slackware Terror

Just thought I would make a quick note on hardware usage. There was talk in the irc channel ##slackware on freenode about Urban Terror and setting up a server. Well I had some spare hardware and figured why not.

I quickly threw together some hardware and put the thing on line. Got the basics going and set up the needed access and handed it over. So if you are in to that sort of stuff drop in to ##UrbanTerror on freenode and get the latest info.

I have a new firewall going in soon. Until then the hardware will likely sit where it is as it is. After the firewall goes in I may move it around. If you want to see what one can do when they are up late and inspired have a look at the links below for some images.

Hardware Shots:
Image 1
Image 2

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My first reaction was that you were going to post about the insane amount of n00bs we have seen the last couple of months. Dang it, with a dedicated urban terror Server, I really have to download it 😉

Nice one!


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