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Can haz android

Well, after holding off for a very long time I have broken down and purchased a phone with the android OS on it.

Since they came out I have wanted an android device. After all, who in my professional field with my type of hobbies and likes wouldn’t right? Open source and Linux based had me sold immediately. the idea of competing with the other high end smart phones out there as a goal was a definite plus. So why hold out in the first place?

Well the simple answer is the platform, hardware and software were both new. While I love cutting edge technology I am not inclined to be a beta tester when it comes to things I need for daily operations like my phone. And since I don’t have a land line my phone is rather important. So I thought it best to give the software platform time to settle and be thoroughly field tested. This was also true of the hardware platform if not even more so. As a software platform solidifies itself in the filed hardware requirements and/or implementations have a tendency to follow suite and adjust to meet the needs of the software more accurately. Meeting the required specs is one thing, running something efficiently is totally different as any person who deals with computers and/or software knows.

Well both parts have had time to settle and get beaten up in the field. Having followed this somewhat loosely I am pretty confident not only is it a stable path but a worth while one. While moving to an unlimited everything plan and having data is a big change for me since I did not have data before I am eagerly putting the device and OS through its paces.

So which device is it? The Samsung Vibrant which is part of the Samsung Galaxy S line. A device I think that has brought some interesting technical innovations to the table in a stylish package while promising an factory backed upgrade path. It cam with Eclair installed and Froyo in its future from the word go.

Hopefully there will be more to come on this later. Till then I shall enjoy!

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