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android and data

I recently put up a post noting that I had acquired an android phone. I have been taking things slow for a Linux guy and learning my way around before I get too carried away with things. Being a long time Linux user and android being a Linux based platform I want to know what is going on and why before I start poking a meddling hand in things.

The whole application base was one of my concerns. While Linux based and open source most of the applications are not open source. This is a concern for me since I have grown to be very fond of the open source mentality on Linux in general for many reasons. It seems my concern was not as high as it should have been. Enter a study conducted by Intel Labs, Penn State and Duke University.

I won’t go over what it says, I am sure you can read it yourself and think that would be best. I will say here that I do not like the idea of applications sharing data on this type on this level. I am eagerly hoping a ROM will be released for my Vibrant that includes the TaintDroid application. If that happens I will be switching to it immediately.

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