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xorg-server 1.10.0 & Nvidia

Yesterday an update for xorg-server came across my terminal. I happily updated, following the proper steps of also updating my nvidia module to ensure things did not break. Man what a ride I was in for.

Seems I was a bit careless during my upgrade of the nvidia module. I used the one provided in the opt-x86_64 group in crux. The version there in at the time of this upgrade was 260.19.44, which fun would have it does not support the ABI version in xorg-server-1.10. It took me a few to figure out how I botched that one, but I had already created a personal port for the nvidia module 270.19, which was easily updated for 270.30 which is the latest release on their ftp as of this writing. Thankfully I had X support once again.

Of course the fun did not stop there, oh no.  Of course the evdev input module needed rebuilding to go along with the new xorg-server. The fun of finally getting an X display back only to be unable to log in due to lacking a keyboard is just awesome. Thing is this was an easy one as it happens decently often, so the fix was on the tips of my fingers and going into the system almost instantly.

Now, all is well with kaon once more!

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3 comments on “xorg-server 1.10.0 & Nvidia

Dapper Dan

I ran across you with a Google of the very same issue. I did a complete prt-get sysup with CRUX 2.7 that upgraded xorg-server to 1.10.0 and it breaks my Nvidia 260.19.44 with error ” This Server has a video driver ABI version of 10.0 that is not supported by this Nvidia driver.” I tried using the previous version of xorg-server and got a host of obscure errors so re-upgraded to 1.10.0. I’ve seen where some have gotten around this by adding to xorg.conf under Section “ServerFlags” Option “IgnoreABI” “True” but this had no positive result for me. I’m now running from CRUX 2.5. I’m afraid I’m lost when you mention rebuilding the evdev input module for 270.30. Can you share a little more of how to do that? Thanks. 🙂

Dapper Dan

I found, downloaded and installed and have X again. Your comments about this were very helpful. Thanks!


Glad I could be of help to someone!

I locked the nvidia port for now to keep another upgrade from hosing me. The command for that and for the evdev rebuild are:

prt-get lock nvidia
cd /usr/ports/xorg/xorg-xf86-input-evdev
pkgmk -d -f -i


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