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WordPress and PHP Configuration

You may or may not know that this site is powered by wordpress. It is a very powerful and flexible CMS that makes the management and upkeep of a site like this very easy.

This particular install is relatively new being only a few months old. The content that dates back farther than that came from one of my older sites that is doomed to the .com graveyard very soon. While this install of wordpress is new and up to date I was having some problems with the CMS behavior in general. Automatic updates would not work, fields would not load, random things simply would not work. This was driving me crazy, at least until tonight it was.

I started poking around and testing for the break point. It hit me like a slap in the face when I finaly got the configuration page for SI Caption to load and it warned me about my web host not having upgraded to PHP 5 from PHP 4. I knew this was not the case as they offer support for both via a line in the .htaccess. Upon checking low and behold the line to enable PHP 5 was not in the .htaccess file for this sites root. Shame on me for missing that.

I thought it worthy to share this information as I found several threads on the net about similar behavior and none of the solutions provided worked for me. Some may wonder why not post this to those threads as well, to which I reply I would love to but lack the motivation required to go find them again.

In the end the moral is make sure you are using what you should be using. WordPress seems to be happiest on PHP 5 and some features & plugins flat out require it. I wager this is in a readme or how-to somewhere but I missed it.

For those of you using 1&1 for their hosting needs, you must have the following in your .htaccess to make things go boom:

AddType x-mapp-php5 .php
AddHandler x-mapp-php5 .php

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