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New Firewall Hardware

My firewall has been upgraded yet again. I managed to get all the pieces through various events such as birthdays and Christmas to build a proper machine for firewall duties. The main thing lacking before on the Intel D945GCLF2 based system was the ability to easily have more than two NICs without going broke. As multi-port cards are rather high dollar.

Enter the Jetway NF96FL-510-FL Motherboard. This little thing is configured to take an add-on daughter board. They have several NIC boards, two which are three port gigabit models, one powered by Realtek and the other by Intel. The full assembled hardware compliment is:


It is currently loaded with the latest Endian Community Edition and has been chugging away for a few months with no problems. I did add some heat sinks to the Intel LAN chips as they were getting VERY hot. I had a few all copper units laying around from an old video card project that fit very well and have done a decent job of aiding in the cooling process.

Heat Sinks
Heat Sinks
Heat Sinks Installed

The system is set up with all 4 nets (green, red, blue and orange) configured though I am presently only using two full time. Any time someone or something I don’t trust needs to get onto the internet I put an AP on the blue net and let them have at it. And of course it is still lacking a case since I am having problems finding one I like. Other than that, quite nice, I must say!

Gatekeeper Dashboard
gatekeeper Dashboard

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