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xorg-server and -ignoreABI

I was bitten by this yet again after another xorg-server update. X refused to start. I wrote a little about this in a post a while back which can be found here. This time around there was no nvidia driver module update which would save me. Even the beta version it seems is not updated for the latest version of the xorg-server. For the mean time I have passed the “-ignoreABI” option to the xorg-server and things seem to function fine. I await a real fix though as I am sure one will come soon once nvidia updates things.

The easiest way for me to do this was through slim (which I am assuming this is also proper). I simply edited the /etc/slim.conf “xserver_arguments” line to read as follows:

xserver_arguments -nolisten tcp -ignoreABI

The updated version of xorg-server here was 1.11.0 and the nvidia modules tested were 2.80.13 and 2.85.03, all with no luck unless “-ignoreABI” was used.

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