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Gentoo Server Config -1

I am continuing the configuration of photon as it is now running Gentoo. I figured I would share notes of the process.


Log rotation is taken for granted on many distros I have used. Well, not here. logrotate is a common application for taking care of this and is readily available in the ports. The default configuration takes care of the basics out of the box as it will automatically add a cron job and so on. I just had to install it:

emerge -aq logrotate


Of course the above was brought up when I went digging through the logs to see how things were going. Turns out with the default config on Gentoo BIND will serve up IPv6 DNS. Well this is a problem since my firewall is not presently supportive of IPv6 nor is my ISP. To disable IPv6 in for the “named” process all together one must edit “/etc/conf.d/named” and add an option:

vim /etc/conf.d/named

And right at the top one will find:

# Set various options here. 

Which to disable IPv6 you must change to:

# Set various options here. 

This sets named up to use IPv4 exclusively. As soon as I upgrade my firewall install and the ISP starts offering IPv6 I will hastily remove this option. For now it will keep my log files clear of clutter.

NFS Shares

I have a few NFS shares I use on the server. I copied my “/etc/exports” file from the Slackware installation. To complete the proecss I had to install the nfs-utils port, configure nfs to run in the default run-level and start things up.

emerge -aq nfs-utils

Add to start-up:
rc-update add nfs default

Start the service:
/etc/init.d/nfs start

I ran in to an amusing glitch where I was unable to mount the shares on my netbook (also running Gentoo). It did not make any sense as I was able to mount and use the shares on my desktop system. After scratching my head for a bit I restarted the NFS server and it all started working fine. The only error I had in the log files was the following in /var/log/message:

rpc.mountd[6864]: refused mount request from for /media/anime (/): no export entry

I consulted the oracle and only turned up a few results. None of which were helpful which lead to restarting the service as a last ditch effort.

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