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Gentoo Server Config – 2

Part 2 of the gentoo server config. I need to have some sort of monitoring in place, nothing live or real time but something that just allows me to check on things. In the past I have set up and used phpsysinfo and I see no reason to change now.

To get things going one must first install a php capable web server, which for me means httpd (apache) and php. That is covered all over the web and straight forward.

Next I downloaded the latest phpSysinfo. The version in the gentoo ports system is not the latest so a download and manual install was selected. Since you only have to extract the compressed tar file in the desired place this is not hard at all. I placed it in $httpd_docroot/system-info.

I want hard drive SMART data, this requires smartmontools be installed:

emerge -aq smartmontools

I also want hardware sensor information, this requires lm_sensors be installed:

emerge -aq lm_sensors

The smartmontools is good to go by default. All you have to do is set the drives you want information from in the plugin config file. From the root of the phpsysinfo you would edit:

vim plugins/SMART/SMART.confg.php

Configuring lm_sensors to report the hardware sensor data is very straight forward and is accomplished with a single task:


To enable the display of the SMART data as well as raid device status in phpSysinfo you must enable those plugins in the config.php file:

define('PSI_PLUGINS', 'SMART,MDStatus');

To enable the sensor data in phpSysinfo via lm_sensors you must edit another line in the config.php file:

define('PSI_SENSOR_PROGRAM', 'LMSensors');

The end result is something like this:

phpSysinfo Screenshot
phpSysinfo Screenshot


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