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WAP54GP Client Table

During a recent security scan of the network I manage at work I came across an unauthorized Access Point. I started poking around to locate and lock down the AP but hit one major bump, I could not find a way to show which machines were associated with the AP that was on the network. The AP in use (that is supposed to be there) is a Linksys WAP54GP. The unit does not have very many features but is a PoE 802.11 b/g access point.

After a decent amount of digging and clicking on every link on every page in the web management UI I was able to find a client MAC table. It does not provide any other usefull data like signal level and so on, but the client MAC address was all I needed. Since it is not straight forward I figured I would share the details.

To get to the client MAC table you would log in as usual. Then navigate to “Wireless” -> “Wireless Connection Control” -> Click on “Select MAC Address From Networked Computers” as shown below:

Wireless Connection Control
Wireless Connection Control

Clicking on the link will result in a popup window similar to:

Wireless Client Table
Wireless Client Table

As you can see it is a simple list of the MAC addresses of clients connected via wireless. Nothing elegant about it but it does contain the data I needed.

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