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Linux & Nvidia & Multi-GPU

Multiple monitors are becoming more and more common these days. In previous posts I detailed how my desktop system has three Nvidia  based Asus ENGTX-465 cards with a monitor each. I have been using xinerama to configure the screens to allow me to move a window across all the screens without problems. The down side is performance plain sucks compared to what it should be.

I am presently working through installing Gentoo on the desktop (formerly Crux) and have been reading everything I can find on a more suitable solution. There is oe from Nvidia that looks very promising called “base mosaic”. This configures all the screens together and basically allows one to discard xinerama. Sadly it does not work for me. It loads up and crashes the system with a hard lock that requires a power cycle. I have yet to find a solution but will keep looking with an eye on base mosaic constantly for improvement.

Till then… back to xinerama. I should have a post or two in the coming days to detail the Gentoo install on the desktop.

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