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CM10 & Data

I updated the CM10 install on my HTC Sensation today to a release built on the 21st. After the update I noticed I was having data problems. The icon would show no data, then flash 3G, then back to no data.

I read all over the forms on XDA and through the thread for the ROM there. No dice. Two others reported similar issues and another reported slow speeds and ping times. People hammered the topic with “call T-Mobile” and/or “your data plan may be at the cap”. All far from the cause on my device. It came with a flash upgrade… I even checked my data usage and crossed over the coverage of maybe 10 towers on the way home. No change.

One post in the ROM thread noted setting up a new APN using as the APN. This worked. Of course it got me digging to see what could be wrong. My digging lead me T-Mobiles website and a thread for setting up the APN properly on android devices. There were only two items that were off, the password and server both had values in the fields while the T-Mobile post said they should be blank. Clearing these out squared things away for me.

Some may wonder, why not post this on XDA in the ROM thread. I did not because I could not log in. Seems I forgot my password. When I tried to use the “Forgot password” form I would get tanked 9 of 10 tried on the image verification… which is a PoS by the way as I confirmed the text on several occasions. When I finally got it to take the image text, it said my email was not recognized. All three of them. To top things off when I went to re-register the user name I use, taken.  My site, works like a champ, where my user name is reserved just for me…

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