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Remote IP Display

Getting the IP of a remote machine that requests a page via PHP is simple. On top of that there are services on the web where you can do it. or are two of the more popular among them.

The purpose of this however is to provide myself with my own means of getting an external IP while I am out running around or at home without running in to any limitations. Plus why provide another site with hits and have adds crammed down my internet pipe if I can do this myself? I prefer a bit of self reliance…

On to some simple PHP code:

echo $ip;

Simple snippet of code saved in to a file all by itself and served up by a PHP capable web server. The page is found on this site here! Curerntly publicly accessible and with no limits.

It is very spare in that it will simply output the IP address of the requester. It makes no attempt to deal with proxies or any other fancy network shenanigans. The goal is to have output that can be pulled via a script using say curl or wget.

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It’s good to have several alternatives, but I think both sites are allowing you to do just that.

For, search for “ automation” on google (I don’t remember the exact details).

While for there’s which tells you about


Indeed both allow you to pull the external IP. The point for myself however is why provide hits to and rely on a service provided by someone else why I can do it myself?

Jackie H

Hello there ,
I was using the IP address tool you mentioned on your page here:
While it does the job overall, I found another tool to be a far better alternative. I thought other users might also appreciate it if you update your page.
It is a clear, ad free IP lookup tool:
In hope I helped back,


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