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AR9462 Dual Band with Bluetooth

For Christmas I was given a fancy new WiFi module that was on my wishlist. This module comes in the form of an Atheros AR9462 based card from Sparklan, model WPEA-251N. The WPEA-251N is based on the reference module from Atheros themselves. It provides 2.4Ghz, 5.8Ghz and bluetooth in a single PCIe card that is half height. Perfect for netbook expansion.

To get things going I needed to ad the required module support to my kernel. The bluetooth uses the ath3k module and the wireless uses the ath9k module. Figure that makes it a good time to upgrade the kernel. After downloading 3.12.6 from and the “make menuconfig” was on. After compiling the kernel and rebooting:

[    4.793806] usbcore: registered new interface driver ath3k

The module requires additional firmware files in order to operate. Those files can be found in the kernel git tree, details on the module and the git location can be found here.

The page noted above mentions required changes for the ath3k.c and btusb.c files. These changes are not required in the 3.12.6 kernel as the required lines are already in place.

With the card loading, wireless up and the bluetooth device showing up as desired to the hcitool on to an application to manage things. I installed blueman for the task.

blueman paired with my phone

The above image is of my netbook showing blueman after pairing with my phone.

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