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Zooper Widget

In my continuing search for some useful eye candy on my Android device I came across Zooper Widget. This is a very customizable widget that comes with several predefined configurations. The key for me however is the ability to start with a clean slate and do whatever you want to.

After a decent amount of base configuration and tweaking I have come up with this:

Zooper Widget
Zooper Widget

Zopper Widget
Zopper Widget

The widget takes up an entire single row. It includes:

  • Digital Clock
  • Date
  • Free space (internal storage)
  • Free space (SD Card)
  • Next alarm text
  • Local (current city)
  • Battery level in percent
  • Battery level as a progress meter/gauge
  • Icon for missed calls, messages, alarm, critical battery level and plugged in/charging

Here is a shot with all of the icons active:

Zooper w/ Icons
Zooper w/ Icons

A nice feature of Zooper is the ability to share your work. You can do this via a save file or even as an APK. Several options can be found in the play store. Once I get done tweaking things and learning how to save files I will upload an APK and/or the save file.

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