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Android Zooper Widget ReVisit

I upgraded my S4 recently to CM11. In my proceedings I forgot to save my config for the main Zooper widget I had created. This of course prompted a rebuild. This is to share a few shots of the rebuild, which looks much like the original.

Here is the config process while I had the hotspots with icons shown with a colored background to aid in placement:

During Config
Hotspot Configuration & Placement

A shot with the highlights gone:

The Icoms
All Icons Active

And the final work with nothing active, which is how it normally looks:

With no activity icons
Zooper Widget Idle

A little tweaking is still required. When an alarm is set the time for the alarm is shown under the icon, between the locality and battery in red. Also while charging the text “charging” is shown which changes to “full” when the battery is full, which is displayed next to the battery percent (bottom right).

Since Zooper allows an APK to be generated for sharing, I will try to get the APK done with the icons and post it soon.

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