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Truecrypt News

Recently there has been a lot of news surrounding Truecrypt. For those who are not aware, Truecrypt offers disk encryption across several platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac) which is relatively easy to use. The news that erupted on to the Internet was that it was insecure and had come to the end of the road. The home page on Source Forge read pretty ominously and encouraged users to switch to bitlocker (on Windows). You can check that out here, or for the sake of records a copy can be found here.

Truecrypt was very useful. I even used it on my portable HD to encrypt a secondary partition for device backups and personal data. Not because I have super secret stuff I need to keep safe, but because I don’t think some nimrod who steals my stuff should get all my data as well. This news of course prompted me to dig in for an alternative, just in case.

Not too long after the news came out an answer seems to have been delivered. A project has started up in order to keep Truecrypt going and then some. The goals are admirable and I wish them the best of luck. You can get the details from here.

I have since moved my drives to LUKS/freeOTFE. For me it is a bit more universal as most of my systems are Linux and it is native to the platform. FreeOTFE works well for the Windows machines I have and portable mode allows the application to be kept on a flash/portable drive. Makes me a bit more comfortable, just in case…

FreeOTFE ::
(Currently the FreeOTFE page appears to be mirrored)

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