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Broadband Fiber

In the coming days I am expecting to post a large amount of technical data on the Nokia IP690. The information on this unit seems to be for the most part rather sparse. The reason I will be doing this is because I purchased one to take up the post of firewall/router for my home.

An upgrade was needed since there are two potential providers coming to my area for Internet speeds my current router may be at limits with. Google has announced they are going to be offering their fiber in the Atlanta area soon. Comcast did not want to let the area go, so they are also going to be offering fiber in the area soon. Google is coming to the table with 1gb while Comcast is trying to one-up the competition with 2gb. My little ERL will do 1gb natively however 2gb is a little beyond its reach.

At any rate, more to come when the hardware arrives. Should be here Friday!

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