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Nvidia 349.16 & Changes to nvidia-settings

In a previous post I went over my using nvidia-settings to control the fans on the three Nvidia GTX465 cards I have in my desktop. In the recent drive release (around version 349.12 ~ 349.16) they removed the ability to do this.

More specifically the nvidia-settings variable for “GPUCurrentFanSpeed” is no longer present. It has been replaced by “GPUCurrentFanSpeedRPM”. The main difference is it no longer returns the set percent value for the fan. It instead returns the actual RPM reading. All fine and dandy except this is now READ-ONLY, meaning it can no longer be used to set the desired fan speed.

Unlocking the fan control on my system automatically sends them to 100%. Should keep them cool, but man is it noisy…

There is currently a post in the Nvidia forums tracking the issue: Here

Once it is sorted out I will be updating my script to control the fans and posting it on the site.


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