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Nokia IP690 & pfsense

Recently I started looking for a replacement for my EdgeRouter Lite. I wanted a bit more flexibility in my router/firewall as well as capacity. The capacity part pushed me to a new platform, mainly due to the ERL being limited to 3 ports. Its big brother the EdgeRouter Pro has more ports (8 total) with two dual purpose RJ-45/SFP ports, but port speeds are capped to 1gb. I wanted to upgrade to something that could grow beyond that.

Before anyone decides to start flaming, the EdgeRouter series is awesome! It is very affordable, offers very good performance and an awesome feature-set. It simply does not fit my application moving forward. I fully plan to utilize the ERL for other applications moving forward.

Enter the Nokia IP series. These are older devices no longer made by Nokia, in fact the whole line has been bought up by Checkpoint. That said they are very flexible and based on commercial standards for the most part. The IP330 has been hacked up so many ways by DIY firewall & router guys for years. The IP690 is far more modern than the IP330 with expandability.

The end goal for me; an open source firewall/router platform that can grow. The IP690 is a very nice hardware platform, so the only question was software. Can pfsense (or something similar) be loaded on to the platform and run well. The short answer is yes. I will update this post with links to additional posts with details as I get them written.

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Hello, I have an opportunity to pickup a IP690. how is the throughput? I have 1Gig Google Fiber and want to make sure the firewall is not the bottelneck.

Was it hard to reset the password? do you need a checkpoint license to activate the IP690 or reset the OS?

Thanks so much for the insite… your article was very informative.




First, I shifted the comment locations. Second, sorry for the delay.

The throughput is really nice. I ran a few tests with the firewall enabled before I put it in to service and easily reached the theoretical max for the interfaces @ about 940Mbps. I am planning to write up a method for basic throughput testing and will run the numbers on the unit again at that time.

I did not use any media, software or input from Checkpoint. They want you to pay for any level of support and since I did not want to run their software I didn’t want to pay them for anything. The steps I outlined in this and other posts replace the Nokia OS completely.



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