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Zabbix & Interface Triggers

I recently went on the hunt for something to monitor my network. In the end I landed on Zabbix for several reasons (outside the scope of this post).

By default when it discovers a host and runs it prototypes it creates items for each network interface and a trigger for a state change. Nice an informational but not overly practical outside of providing an informational note. Mainly as this only denotes a state change and triggers when it first occurs but clears on the next check that returns the same state.

A simple trigger can easily be added to each interface that allows the system to alert on an interface being down. I included a check for the administrative state to make sure it does not alert on an interface the should be down.

The text for such a trigger is fairly straight forward and checks the last value for the admin status and the last value for the operational status. A sample from my router/firewall named silicon:

{silicon:ifAdminStatus[em0].last(#1)}=1 and {silicon:ifOperStatus[em0].last(#1)}>1

The trigger rule is two part with each part containing:


  • $HOST = Host you want to check against
  • $KEY = The key you wish to check. This is defined in the item configuration
  • $INTERFACE = The interface we are checking
  • $RESULTVALUE = The result value we wish to check. In this case, the last, one result value
  • $DESIREDVALUE = What we want to trigger on.
    • For Admin Status 1 = Up
    • For Oper Status 1 = Up, above 1 = various states not up

A screen capture from the web UI for the same example:

Interface Down Trigger
Interface Down Trigger

Now when my interfaces go down (and should not) I get a full alert that remains until things are corrected.

For reference : Interfaces and SNMP values

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