You were never here, you didn't see anything..


The purpose of this site is to allow me to record and share two things. My technical works and my spam.

First is my technical work in my hobbies and perhaps a little professional stuff from time to time. My hobbies are computers, cars, electronics and audio gear (not in order). My profession is Land Mobile Radio (think police and fire communications) where I am a manager of an R&D department.

As for the spam, this is anything I may come across on the web or mainly in chain emails that I have gotten over the years. I have tons of junk that is funny or neat to look at so I am trying to get it all online so others can enjoy it as much or more than I did.

A few things to keep in mind while perusing this site;
This site is, well, my site. If you come across something you just plain can’t stand, go somewhere else. I really don’t care if you are offended by something you have read or seen here. You are just as free to not visit my pages as I am to post whatever I see fit.

Things that fall into the “Funnies” will not make it to the front page. I update this in waves and don’t want my valid content to be totally covered over by chain mail content. You want to see it, go to the category and enjoy.