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Having the hardware in house, it was time to load it. I chose pfsense as the starting OS for my IP690 install due quite simply to features. It has everything I wanted to include all of the features that were missing in other firewall distributions I have used in the Read more…

First of many, this is the dmesg output from pfsense booting on the Nokia IP690: EDIT: Seems the CMS in use for the site likes to eat a few characters in certain cases. Just in case, a text version of the dmesg.boot can be found here.

The IP690 is a very nice hardware platform, so the only question was software. Can pfsense be loaded on to the platform and run well. The short answer (spoiler alert) is yes.

In a previous post I went over my using nvidia-settings to control the fans on the three Nvidia GTX465 cards I have in my desktop. In the recent drive release (around version 349.12 ~ 349.16) they removed the ability to do this.

In the coming days I am expecting to post a large amount of technical data on the Nokia IP690.

It has come time to upgrade the family computer. The outgoing system is a Shuttle SN21G50, wieghing in with the following specs: Athlon 64 CPU 2gb RAM 120gb WD IDE Hard Drive DVD-RW Optical Drive Windows XP All this wrapped up in a Mini-ITX desktop case. Needless to say the Read more…

Android is a fairly nice OS for mobile devices. While I think parts of the OS itself are a mess, it does it’s job and does it well. Even looks good for the most part. My biggest problem with android, it is a data collection point for Google, and they Read more…

I like most people in to tech have a few arduino boards lying around. They are fun to play with and can on occasion be used to do some really useful and/or creative stuff. I recently reinstalled Gentoo on my desktop to move the system to encrypted drives, so of course setting up the arduino IDE was a task to be completed.

Gentoo, BaseMosaic enabled, XFCE, Terminal and Firefox. Themed is a modified version of Afterdark

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