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Seems that NFS 4.1 is supported by ESXi 6.x and later but only using the full VSPhere client or the cli commands.

First of many, this is the dmesg output from pfsense booting on the Nokia IP690: EDIT: Seems the CMS in use for the site likes to eat a few characters in certain cases. Just in case, a text version of the dmesg.boot can be found here.

The IP690 is a very nice hardware platform, so the only question was software. Can pfsense be loaded on to the platform and run well. The short answer (spoiler alert) is yes.

In a previous post I went over my using nvidia-settings to control the fans on the three Nvidia GTX465 cards I have in my desktop. In the recent drive release (around version 349.12 ~ 349.16) they removed the ability to do this.

I like most people in to tech have a few arduino boards lying around. They are fun to play with and can on occasion be used to do some really useful and/or creative stuff. I recently reinstalled Gentoo on my desktop to move the system to encrypted drives, so of course setting up the arduino IDE was a task to be completed.

Gentoo, BaseMosaic enabled, XFCE, Terminal and Firefox. Themed is a modified version of Afterdark

Today I had a lot of time to kill and a netbook and Android phone on hand. Mainly due to having taken the kid to an anime convention… After working for a long while on getting OpenVPN working on my Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite (link coming soon) I needed something new Read more…

I built my desktop system a decent while back. One of the things that I never got working really well was the multi-monitor hardware accelerated video of the three Asus ENGTX465 video cards. That has finally been corrected. I started digging in an effort to resolve the issue. The first Read more…

The WPEA-251N is based on the reference module from Atheros themselves. It provides 2.4Ghz, 5.8Ghz and bluetooth in a single PCIe card that is half height. Perfect for netbook expansion.

portage can use directories for the package specific options. So rather than a single file like package.use you can create a directory package.use and create a file inside with the content for a specific pacakge.

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Most who fail…

Most who fail have yet to really try!