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April 4th, 2007

Starting Web Services

No Comments, Code, Linux, by andarius.

I needed a way to start httpd (apache) and mysqld (MySQL) easily and I did not want them running all the time. I use them on my desktop and laptop for web development and testing. Since I don’t work on web stuff all the time it would be senseless to run them all the time. It was just easiest to create a start-stop script to use when I needed it.


March 23rd, 2007

Updating Slackware

No Comments, Linux, Tips & Tricks, by andarius.

Keep Slackware up to date in a few simple steps.

Slackpkg is an automated (for the most part) tool to do just that. In the /extra directory on a Slackware mirror you can find it. Download slackpkg for your version and do the following as root after it is installed.

Edit /etc/slackpkg/mirrors. Read the top of the file for information on this. Basically you need to un-comment a mirror of choice. You should also list any package you don’t want upgraded in the file /etc/slackpkg/blacklist.

Run slackpkg update to get the current file listing:
slackpkg update

Once it is done do the deed, here we check everything:
slackpkg upgrade-all

Follow the prompts from there.

March 21st, 2007

XP migration

No Comments, Tips & Tricks, by andarius.

Recently I was presented with the task to migrate a Windows XP installation from an 80 gig PATA drive to a 160 gig SATA drive. The purpose of the migration was two fold. One to increase the size and performance of the system by moving it to the larger and faster SATA drive and two being the implementation of a back up system. Here I will touch on the migration only, the back up may come later.

March 12th, 2007

Seamonkey & Gaim

No Comments, Linux, News, by andarius.

There are some issues with upgrading to the seamonkey-1.0.8 package in Slackware 11.0. For a reason unknown to me at present it breaks gaim. I would assume this has something to do with gaim requiring the encryption abilities in the aforementioned package.

It was upgraded to fix several possible security bugs. I do not use the program what so ever minus gaim’s dependency of it.

March 10th, 2007

Daylight Savings Time

No Comments, News, by andarius.

For those of us affected by it, Daylight Savings Time goes into effect tonight! Make note and change those clocks. Unless of course they change for you! 8)

March 10th, 2007

lilo Splash

No Comments, Linux, by andarius.

Getting a boot splash with lilo is actually very easy. All you need is a text editor and something to do some image manipulation. Continue reading for a brief overview.

March 7th, 2007

Shell Script Timing

No Comments, Code, Linux, by andarius.

It took me a little time to find a way to get the amount of time it took for a shell script to execute. Every time I looked for it on the web I would get all kinds of other wild stuff. Well I had come across a way to time PHP execution times and after reading that figured how different could it be?

Using basic principals the following was derived. It takes a start time and an end time, gets the difference and then formats that difference using the date command. Thats right, date will format a string for you based on certain input data.

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